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When Is Holi 2021 - Date, Time, Significance, & Reason For Celebration

When Is Holi 2021 - Date, Time, Significance, & Reason For Celebration

Holi is the festival of colors and marks the arrival of spring. It is celebrated all over India on different dates every year. On this day people smear each other with colors. 

Happy Holi

Holi 2021 Date

Holi is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun. The festival of colors is also called the Spring Festival, as it marks the arrival of spring.

Holi 2021 Date and time

This year Holi will be celebrated on March 29, 2021 (Monday) while Holika Dahan will be held on March 28, 2021 (Sunday).
The day is usually marked by people smearing each other with colors. Delicious gujiyas and a serving of 'bhang' also make it to most celebrations.

Holika Dahan 2021

Holika Dahan is an essential part of Holi celebrations. It is carried out in remembrance of Holika and signifies the victory of good over evil. In some states like Odisha, Holi is known as Dol Jatra or Dol Purnima.

->  Holika Dahan Muhurat - 06:54 PM to 09:14 PM (02 Hours 20 Mins)

->  Purnima Tithi Begins - 03:27 am on March 28, 2021

-> Purnima Tithi Ends - 12:17 am on March 29, 2021

Why is Holi celebrated?

According to Bhagavata Purana, King Hiranyakashipu, the king of demonic Asuras could not be killed by any man or animal. The Kings of the Asuras grew arrogant and demanded that everyone in the land should worship him as a god.

Why do we celebrate Holi?

The king's own song Prahlada disagreed and remained devoted to Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap, who was enraged by his own son, subjected him to the cruelest of punishments. One day, Holika, the king's sister, tricked Prahlada into sitting on a pyre with her. Holika protected only herself from the fire with a cloak leaving Prahlad exposed. 

Significance of Holi

As the fire blazed, the cloak suddenly flew from Holika's body and covered Prahlad. Thus, Prahlada was saved from the fire and Holika was burnt to death. Celebration of Holi marks this incident.

Later, Lord Vishnu appeared in the avatar of Narsimha and killed Hiranyakashyap ending his reign. This is why Holi celebrations begin with the Holika bonfire.

Holi 2021 significance

The burning of Holika marks the victory of good over evil. During Holika Dahan, people gathered around a bonfire and perform religious rituals. They pray that their internal evils are destroyed in the fire much like how Holika was.

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