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15 Best Things To Do In Almora - Explore the Adventurous and Natural Beauty of cultural heritage of Kumaon

15 Best Things To Do In Almora - Explore the Adventurous and Natural Beauty of cultural heritage of Kumaon

Trekking in Almora

Almora - Jageshwar Trek is around 41 km long. The major attractions of this trek are Deodar trees, Rhododendron treks, Vridh Jageshwar (Old Jageshwar temple). This trek will lead you to the thick forests of pine and fir trees, villages of Kumaon and colourful bird species of various varieties.

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Nature Walks in Almora

Almora is a perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty and witness the enchanting views of Himalayas. Almora is a majestic hill station which is surrounded by the dense forests of Oak and Pine trees. Nature loving persons can go for long nature walks and can soak themselves in the breathtaking views of this place. The unpolluted air of the town makes you feel fresh throughout the day. If you wanna spend some quality time with your beloved away from the hustle bustle of cities then Almora is a perfect destination for you.

Visit Temples and Churches of Almora

There are so many ancient temples in Almora. There are eight Bhairavas temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva and nine temples dedicated to Goddess Durga. Golu Devta is the deity of Kumaon region. Chitai Golu Devta Temple is the very popular temple dedicated to Lord Golu or Golu Devta. Some of the famous temples of Almora are :

  • Chitai Golu Devta Temple Almora
  • Binsar Mahadev Temple Almora
  • Jageshwar Temple Almora
  • Katarmal Sun Temple Almora
  • Kasar Devi Temple Almora

Budden Memorial Methodist Church Almora

The Budden Memorial Methodist Church is 119 years old church which was established in the 19th century in the memory of Revren JH Budden. This church is popular for its splendid architecture. The Church is located in Pokhar Khali, Almora.

Glimpses of Past at Lakhudiyar

Lakhudiyar means one lakh caves. Lakhudiyar is renowned for its two pre-historic painted rock shelters located in Barachhina village which is located at a distance of 18 km from Almora. Lakhudiyar is the group of caves with paintings of humans, animals, engravings of Swastika and Trishul. It is also a site of Archaeological Rock Engravings which is studied by the Indira Gandhi National Centre Arts, New Delhi.

Discover the heritage sites of Almora

Almora is popular as the cultural and heritage site of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. One can discover many heritage sites here. The notable heritage sites of Almora are listed below :

  • Katarmal Surya Mandir (Katarmal Sun Temple) Almora
  • Jageshwar Temple Almora
  • Lakhudiyar Caves
  • Almora Fort
  • Budden Memorial Methodist Church Almora

Witness the sunrise and sunset view at Bright End Corner

Bright End Corner is located 2 km away from Almora town. It offers a picturesque landscape and a mesmerising view of mountains. One can also witness the amazing view of Sunrise and Sunset from this place. The tranquillity of this place makes it a perfect place for meditation. 

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Zero Point Almora

Zero point is a tower erected at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located at a height of 2400 metres above the ground level. Zero Point is 24 km away from Almora. Zero Point offers the enchanting view of the magnificent peak of Himalayas. One can also witness the amazing view of Sunrise from Zero Point. It is a famous tourist spot of Almora.

Rafting in Kali / Sarada river, Almora

Almora is not only popular for its cultural and heritage sites but it is also popular for the adventurous activities like Trekking and Rafting. One can enjoy white water rafting in the river Kali which is also known as Sarada river.

Visit Deer Park, Almora

Deer Park is one of the popular tourist spots of Almora. Deer Park is also known as Mrig Vihar Zoo. Deer Park is located at a distance of 3 km from Almora town. It is a perfect place for the nature lovers and wildlife photography lovers. Deer Park is surrounded by the trees of Oak and Pine which enhances the natural beauty of this park. The tourists can see various species of Deer, Himalayan Black Bear and Leopards in the Park. Deer Park has a wide collection of rare species.

Shopping at Almora Market

You can do shopping from Almora market for your loved ones. The popular items available in the markets of Almora are copperware items, Angora garments, Bronze items, Brass items, handicrafts and cuisines. The popular markets of Almora from where you can buy these things are listed below :

  • Lal Bazaar Almora
  • Thana Bazar Almora
  • Chowk Bazaar Almora
  • Johri Bazaar Almora

Martola, Almora

Martola is a beautiful picnic spot located in Khairna, Almora. It is located at a distance of 9 km from the town of Almora. Martola is famous for its picturesque landscape, lush greenery of natural forests along with gardens. The natural beauty of Martola is perfect for photography and nature lovers. The tranquillity and solitude of this place make it a perfect place for meditation. 

Jalna Village Almora

Jalna is a small village which is rich for its wildlife and it offers a panoramic view of Himalayas. Jalna is located at an average altitude of 1,675 metres. It is situated at a distance of 30 km from Almora. Banari Devi Temple and Kutumbari Devi Temple are very close to Jalna where thousands of tourists came every year. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Jageshwar Dham Almora

Jageshwar is the eighth jyotirlinga among the twelve Jyotirlingas. Jageshwar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in India. Jageshwar is located at an average elevation of 1,870 metres. Jageshwar temple comprises a cluster of 124 small and large temples. 

Katarmal Sun Temple Almora

Katarmal Sun Temple is one of the two temples dedicated to Lord Surya 'Vraddhaditya' or 'Burhadita'. It is located 2 km away from Kosi village, Almora. When the first rays of Sun fall on the temple it enlightens the idol of God Surya. This temple was built in 9th century by Katyuri King 'Katarmalla'. Katarmal Sun Temple is one of the popular historical places of Uttarakhand. 

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Kalimath Almora

Kalimath is a small village which is considered as a Shakti Peeth or Divine Place. It offers a magnificent view of snow-capped peaks. Kalimath is surrounded by the forest of Deodar and Pine trees. Kalimath is a scenic spot which is located at a distance of 5 km from Almora town. Kalimath is rich in flora and fauna. It is located at an average altitude of 1,800 metres. Kalimath is one of the Siddh Peeths of Kumaon region. Kalimath temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. 

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