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Recycling of Waste, 3R Concept and Waste Recycling Business Tips

Recycling of Waste, 3R concept, and Waste Recycling Business Tips

Recycling of waste

Recycling is the process where new products are made by the used or wasted products. When waste materials are converted into new useful materials then this process is known as Recycling. The waste materials which have the possibility to convert into useful materials are recycled as raw materials. Less energy is required for the Recycling process. Recycling is very helpful in reducing the various type of pollution like air pollution, soil pollution etc.

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Waste Recycling Business

Recycling business has too many opportunities nowadays. Waste Recycling business can be of different types like plastic recycling business, paper recycling business, water bottle recycling business etc. 

How to start a Recycling Business?

Recycling Business provides a lot of opportunities but there is also a tough competition in this business. Recycling entrepreneur has to achieve the goals by analyzing the market demand. Some steps which you should follow to make your business successful are:

Choose your niche

As there is a tough competition in the waste recycling business so you have to do market research and have to select a niche in which there is low competition.

Market Research

To become a successful recycling entrepreneur you have to do market research before starting your recycling business in your selected niche. By doing the market research you'll get to know the chances of success of the product in the market. 

Analyse these points while doing market research:

  • Is there any need of your product in the market?
  • How much competition is present for this product in the market?
  • How useful is your product?

Business Structure

After doing market research you have to choose the business structure whether you want to start your recycling business on a large scale or on a small scale.

Plan Finance

You have to plan the finance according to your selected niche. You have to find out the estimated finance which you will need for your recycling business.

Register Business Name

You have to register your business name. A business name should be picked in such a way that it clearly indicates to your work. While selecting the business name check that it is not already in use in the market.

Licenses and Permits

At last, you will need a license or permit to start your business whether its small scale business or large scale business.

Collection of Waste

Collection of garbage is done in two stages:

Primary Collection of Waste

Primary Collection is the collection that is done at the place where the person or community has produced it.

Secondary Collection of Waste

Secondary Collection is the collection of garbage at the place where many primary collections of garbage are collected and from here it is transferred from the transfer station to the disposal site.

Transportation of Waste

The transportation of the waste is the process of transferring waste from various areas to the disposal sites with the help of different vehicles like trucks, barges etc.

What is 3R in waste management?

3R means - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We cannot stop the production of the garbage but we can try to reduce it. We all can give a major contribution to waste management by following the 3R concept.

  • Try to reduce the amount of trash that you produced every day.
  • Try to reuse the products which can be used again.
  • Don't throw the products in the bin that can be recycled. 

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