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Patanjali Enters in Diary Business - Patanjali Diary Products Rate List | Baba Ramdev

Patanjali enters in Diary Business 

Patanjali has now put its step in Diary Business and is all set to ready to give tough competition to the established companies of this field. Baba Ramdev launched 5 products of Patanjali at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. At present, these products are available only in four states. These four states are : Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra. The Patanjali Diary products launched by Baba Ramdev on 13 September are listed below:

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  • Patanjali Cowmilk
  • Patanjali Dahi
  • Patanjali Chach
  • Patanjali Paneer

Apart from the Diary products Patanjali has also launched the following Patanjali products:

  • Patanjali Frozen - Green Peas, French Fries, Mix Veg, Sweet Corn
  • Patanjali Divya Jal
  • Urea Free Cattle Feed & Feed Supplements
  • Solar Panels

Patanjali Diary Products Rate List

The rate list of various Patanjali Products are given below:

Patanjali Cowmilk

The cost of 1litre packed cowmilk is 40 Rs while the cost of 500 ml packed cowmilk is 20 Rs and the cost of 200 ml packed cowmilk is 10 Rs and it is 2 Rs less than its peers. All the other companies sell milk at 42 Rs per litre.

Patanjali Curd (Patanjali Dahi)

The cost of 1kg curd pouch is 50 Rs while the cost of 400 gm curd pouch is 25 Rs and the cost of 200 gm curd pouch is 15 Rs while the cost of 400 gm curd cup is 40 Rs.

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Patanjali Paneer

The cost of 1kg Patanjali Paneer is 280 Rs and the the cost of 200 gm Paneer will be 65 Rs.

Patanjali Chach

The cost of 500 ml Chach is 10 Rs while the cost of 400 ml Masala Chach is 10 Rs.

Patanjali upcoming Products and Projects

Baba Ramdev has announced that Patanjali would foray in the Garment Section also. And the name of the of the garment brand is Patanjali Live Fit

  • Patanjali Paridhan (Patanjali Garments)
  • Patanjali Garments for Sports & Yoga

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