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Patanjali Cowmilk Users Reviews and Nutrition Information

Patanjali Cowmilk users Reviews and Patanjali cowmilk nutrition Information

Today Indian retail and food company Patanjali has launch the pasteurised milk with other dairy Products. There is the list of the Patanjali Dairy Products Launched : 

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  • Patanjali Cow Milk (Patanjali gaay ka doodh)
  • Patanjali Chaach
  • Patanjali Paneer
  • Patanjali Dahi
  • Patanjali Divya Jal
  • Patanjali Frozen fooods

Patanjali cowmilk nutrition Information (Approx. Value) Per 100 ml 

Energy : 66.8 kcal
Fat : 4.00 g
Protein : 2.9 g
Total Carbohydrate : 4.8 g
Added Sugar : 0.00g
Vitamin A(retinol) : 28.69 mcg
β Carotene : 7.5 mcg

Patanjali cowmilk Price : 20 Rupees

Patanjali (पतंजलि) cowmilk price is currently twenty rupees per 500ml pack available on all Patanjali Arogya Center and stores.  

Patanjali Milk net Quantity : 500 ML

Patanjali cowmik is available in 500ml plastic packs as we can see the other company milk product pack.

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