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25 Unknown Interesting Facts & Trivia about Goa

25 Interesting Facts & Trivia about Goa

There are some interesting facts & trivia about Goa which are described below:

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1) Goa is the smallest state of India with an area of 3702 sq km.

2) Goa has highest per capita income among all the states of India.

3) The fourth most literate state of India is Goa. And the literacy rate of Goa is 87.4%.

4) The one and only Naval Aviation Museum of Asia is at Goa.

5) The mortal remain of St. Francis Xavier which is 400 years old is at Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa.

6) Basilica of Bom Jesus was established in the year 1605.

7) Basilica of Bom Jesus is declared as world heritage site by UNESCO. 

8) Portuguese ruled over Goa almost for 4 centuries
9) There are more than 7000 licensed bars in Goa.

10) The first floating casino of Asia is Caravela which is in Goa.

11) The people of Goa can also apply & avail for a Portuguese Passport along with the Indian Passport. They can have a dual passport.

12) Konkani and Marathi are the two official languages of Goa.

13) The first medical school of India was established in Goa in the year 1842.

14) Dudhsagar falls of Goa is in Zuavi river which is one of the highest falls of India. The height of Dudhsagar falls is 310 m.

15) The highest peak of Goa is Sonsogor which is in the Western Ghats. It is located at an altitude of 1166 m.

16) The largest temple of Goa is Mangeshi Temple.

17) Shigmotsav, Carnival, Ganesh Chaturthi, Feast of St. Xavier are the main festivals of Goa.

18) Panaji was made the capital of Goa in the year 1843 by Portuguese.

19) The largest church of Asia is St. Cathedral Church which is in Old Goa.

20) Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary of Goa is named on the famous Ornithologist Salim Ali. It is located on Chorao island of Goa.

21) Most of the old buildings, churches of Goa resembles the Portuguese tradition & architecture style.

22) The state animal of Goa is Gaur and the sate tree is Matti.

23) The state bird of Goa is Yellow throated Bulbul.

24) You can hire a motorcycle to reach your destination in Goa. These motorcycles are also called two-wheeler taxi. And the biker is known as Pilot.

25) The Best time to visit Goa is October to February which is the peak season while June to September is the offseason.

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