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Waste Management - Types, Methods, Facts, Importance, Benefits & Facts

Waste Management - Methods, Facts, Importance, Benefits

What is Waste Management?

Waste Management is the process of collection, transportation, recycling and disposal of waste which pollutes the environment as well as hazardous for human health.

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Types of Waste

Waste can be in any form. Waste is produced by various human activities. Some of the waste types are given below:

  • Liquid Waste 
  • Solid Waste 
  • Hazardous Waste 
  • Recyclable Waste 
  • Organic Waste 

Types of Waste Management

Waste Management deals with all type of waste forms whether it is industrial, household, biological or in any other form.

Methods of Waste Management

There are some methods of waste management like dumping method, recycling method etc. The types of waste management are given below:

  • Incineration 
  • Landfill 
  • Recycling 
  • Collection & Transportation 

Incineration Process

Incineration is a burning treatment process of waste materials. During the process of incineration, the organic substances which are present in the waste materials are combusted. In the process of incineration, the waste is burned to produce energy and to reduce the mass of the waste. Incineration is a type of thermal treatment process of waste materials in which these waste materials are converted in the form of ash, gas or heat. And the heat produced by this process is used to generate electricity. 

Incineration Technology

Incineration technology is used in many countries to reduce the mass of the waste and to generate electricity. 

Incinerators and their types

An incinerator is a furnace which is used to burn the waste material. The types of plants for the incineration process are given below:

  • Pyrolytic Incinerator 
  • Fixed Grate 
  • Moving Grate 
  • Rotary Kiln 
  • Fluidized Bed Incinerator 


The landfill is a process of treatment of waste by its burial. A landfill site is used for the disposal of waste by burial. A landfill site is also referred as a garbage dump, rubbish dump or dumping ground. The landfill can also be used for Waste management purposes.

What process happens in a Landfill?

The landfill is built in such a way that the waste will remain separate from the environment. So, that the garbage does not come in contact with the groundwater and air. The landfill can be of following types:

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

When a clay liner is used to separate the waste from the environment. Such landfill site is known as Municipal Solid Waste Landfill.

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Sanitary Landfill

When a plastic liner is used to separate the waste from the environment. Such a landfill site is known as Sanitary Landfill.

Recycling of waste

Recycling is the process where new products are made by the used or wasted products. When waste materials are converted into new useful materials then this process is known as Recycling. The waste materials which have the possibility to convert into useful materials are recycled as raw materials. Less energy is required for the Recycling process. Recycling is very helpful in reducing the various type of pollution like air pollution, soil pollution etc.

Importance of Waste Management

Waste Management is very necessary for a better and healthy environment.  If the garbage is not disposed and waste is not managed properly then it will be hazardous for human health and for the environment too. It can cause various pollutions like air pollution, land pollution, water pollution.

Waste Management Benefits 

  • Waste Management keeps the environment clean. 
  • Waste Management reduces the pollution. 
  • Waste Management also helps in earning money.
  •  It gives employment to many people. 
  • Waste Management is helpful in producing energy. So, waste management is useful for conserving the energy. 
  • Waste Management helps in recycling of the waste products. So that these products can be reused again. 

Waste Management Facts

Tonnes of garbage is disposed of in the landfills every day. If all this waste is not disposed of properly then it affects the environment badly. Waste management is the process of collection, transportation, and disposal of the waste. Waste management should be done in a proper manner to get rid of the polluted environment. So, its the duty and responsibility of every person to keep their environment clean. We all can give our contribution to waste management by following the three R's concept.

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