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Kiki Challenge - Everything you should know about this crazy kiki dance

Kiki Challenge - Everything you should know about this crazy Kiki dance

Kiki Challenge or Keke Challenge

In Kiki Challenge the participant has to move out of their slowly moving car and has to do dance on Drake's song "In My Feelings". The participant has to recreate the signature steps. The driver of the car drives the vehicle as well as he makes the video of the participant.Then this video will be posted on social media platforms with the hashtag of #KikiChallenge.

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Lyrics of the song "Kiki Do you love me"

"Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Said you'd never ever leave beside from me, cause I need you and I want you and I'm down for you always".

Drake in my feelings

The Kiki Challenge is a challenge that is inspired by Rapper Drake who is from Toronto. The people are taking Kiki Challenge and then they are posting their Kiki Challenge videos on Social Media Platforms.

Shiggy Challenge

Shiggy, an internet comedian posted a video of himself dancing on Drake's hit song "In My Feeling". Many people watched this video on Instagram and then this challenge goes viral. But a fact is that Shiggy didn't use any car while dancing. After that a friend of Shiggy, Odell Beckham Jr. posted a video of himself dancing hopping out from the vehicle.Then Kiki Challenge was born. Some other celebrities also took part in the Kiki Challenge. And then the whole world becomes crazy for taking Kiki Challenge whether its celebrity or common people.

Kiki Challenge gone wrong

It is very dangerous to come out of the moving car and then dances on a song in the busy road.
There are so many risks in it. You can get hurt if you fell down while jumping out of the car. It may be riskier if any vehicle hits you.

Kiki Challenge Police warning

The Kiki Challenge is definitely full of risks. Dancing on the busy road along with the moving car is an act which may be dangerous for yours as well as for others too. That's why Police is against Kiki Challenge. The Police already declared that they will take strict action against those who will take Kiki Challenge.

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