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Indian Rihanna - Biography & Lifestyle of Supermodel Renne Kujur

Indian Rihanna - Biography & Lifestyle of Supermodel Renne Kujur

Who is Renne Kujur?

Renne Kujur is an Indian model. She is getting popularity on social media platforms because of her bold look and beauty. Her Instagram account is full of her beautiful pictures. Renne now becomes an internet sensation. She is from Chattisgarh.

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Indian Rihana "Renne Kujur"

Renne Kujur is known as Indian Rihanna because she looks similar to Rihanna, a very famous pop singer. Renne Kujur is popular among the youth as Indian Rihanna. She is a dark-skinned girl and lookalike Rihanna.

Renne Kujur model

Renne Kujur is working as a professional model. She is one of the top rising models of India. She is currently living in Delhi to pursue her modelling career.

Career of Renne Kujur

Renne Kujur has done many shooting campaigns for jewellery and clothing brands. She is popular among youth for her resemblance with the International pop singer, Rihanna. She is a celebrity now.

About Renne Kujur

Renne is graduated in Bachelors of Arts. She wants to become a supermodel from her childhood days. Renne is from Pirai district, Chattisgarh, India.

Renne Kujur family

Renne brought up in a middle-class family. She loves fashion and modelling from her childhood days. She always participated in various cultural programmes at her college.

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Biography of Indian Rihana "Renne Kujur"

Renne Kujur is 33 years old. She was born in a small town Bagicha of Chattisgarh in a middle-class family. Renne Kujur's height is 5' 7". She has done graduation in Bachelor of Arts. She got popularity in social media platforms when people noticed similarities between her and Rihanna. 

Struggles of Indian Rihanna "Renne Kujur"

Indian Rihanna "Renne Kujur" opens up about her struggles when she entered the modelling industry. She told in an interview that many people make fun of hers due to her dark complexion.

Renne Kujur from Chattisgarh (CG)

Renne told in an interview that once in a fancy dress competition at her school many students make fun of her because she was dressed like a princess. They were calling her 'Black Princess'.

Meet Chattisgarh girl Renne Kujur

Renne told that people refused her by saying that she is dark-skinned and ugly. Renne told that she faced criticism due to her dark complexion. People used to make fun of her but now she became successful. Renne Kujur is now ruling over the internet.

Hobbies of Indian Rihana Renne Kujur

Renne Kujur loves to dance, travelling and photography.

Net Worth of Renne Kujur

The net worth of Renne Kujur is 60 - 80 lakhs approximately.

Renne an Inspiration for modelling career seekers

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Renne is an inspiration to all. She got criticized by the people for her dark complexion but she never gave up. She does a lot of struggles in her career and now the people who make fun of her are also talking about her success. She is really a true inspiration to all.

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