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Hima Das 'The Golden Girl of India'- Biography, Facts, Records & Lifestyle

Hima Das 'The Golden Girl of India'- Biography, Facts,  Records & Lifestyle

Biography of Hima Das

Hima Das is an Indian sprinter. She is from Assam. Media also calls her Dhing Express. Hima is also known as 'Golden Girl'. Hima is only 18 years old but she became first Indian sprinter to win a Gold medal in track and field at World U20 Championship 2018 where she ran 400 metres in 51.46 seconds. She has also won Silver medal in the Asian games 2018.

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Early life of Hima Das 

Hima Das was born on 9 January 2000 at Kandhulimari village of Nagaon district which is in the state of Assam. She belongs to a lower middle-class family. She went to Dhing Public School and plays football in her childhood days.

School of Hima Das 

Hima Das studied at Dhing Public Highschool. She was a football player and plays football with the boys in her school. She wants to become a football player. But when she came to know that there is not any prospect in India for women's football then by the advice of her teacher, Shamsul Haque she decided to switch over to the athletics.

Coach and Training of Hima Das 

Nipon Das gave initial coaching of athletics to Hima. Nipon Das is an Indian athletics coach from Directorate of Sports and Youth Welfare. After that Hima Das shifted to Guwahati for training and she got enrolled in the state academy.

Family of Hima Das

Hima's father Mr Ronjit Das is a rice farmer and her mother Mrs Jonali Das is a housewife. She is the youngest among five children of her parents.  Her family wants that she won more medals for the country and make India shine on the global platform.

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Career of Hima Das

Hima Das participated in the Commonwealth Games 2018, World U20 Championship 2018 and Asian Games 2018. She performed very well in all these competitions. She also set a national record in U-20 Championship 2018 and Asian Games 2018.

Hima Das at Commonwealth Games 2018

Hima Das was qualified for the finals at the Commonwealth Games 2018 which were held at Gold Coast, Australia where she finished 400 m race in 51.32 seconds. She got 6th position in 400 m raceShe also participated in 4x400 metres relays at the Commonwealth Games 2018 where her team got 7th position in the finals

Hima Das at World U20 Championship 2018

Hima Das became a first Indian sprinter to win a Gold medal at World U20 Championship 2018 which was held in Tampere, Finland where she completed her 400 m race in just 51.46 seconds.

Hima Das at Asian Games 2018

Hima won the Silver medal in the Asian games on 26 August 2018 which were held in Jakarta, Indonesia and this time Hima bettered her time by finishing 400 m race in just 50.69 seconds.

Hima Das Record

Hima Das became the first Indian to win a Gold medal in track and field at the World U20 Championship held at Finland and also won the silver medal in the Asian Games 2018 in 400 m race by clocking the time of 50.79 seconds held at Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Some unknown facts about Hima Das

  • The nickname of Hima Das is Mon Jai. Media calls her Dhing Express. She is also popular as 'Golden Girl of India'.
  • She wants to become a football player in her childhood days. She plays football with the boys at her school.
  • Her mentor and Coach Mr Nipon Das adviced her to shift to Guwahati for better training.
  • Hima Das height is 165 cm and her weight is 50 kg.
  • Her favourite track athlete is Ashwini Akkunji.
  • Her favourite football player is Nicolas Velez who is from Argentina.

After winning the Gold Medal at World U20 championship and the Silver Medal at Asian games, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ramnath Kovind and many other celebrities congratulated her on twitter for her tremendous victory.

Hima Das an Inspiration 

Hima Das is now an inspiration to all the youngsters who belong to the small villages. She proved it to the whole world that if you have talent no one can stop you from achieving success.

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