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Android Pie - Features, Update, Release, Review, Android P Beta Programme

Android Pie -  Features, Update, Release, Review, Android P Beta Programme

Android Pie

Google has announced that their new Android will be P (9.0). And it will be known as Android PieMobile Operating System was in Beta mode for the last couple of months. Now the new OS version rolls out today on 7th of August and this version is now available for all Pixel phones.

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Android Pie Features

  • Google Pie included Artificial Intelligence in it by which the displaying screen will be automatically updated.
  • New User Interface
  • A new gesture system interface
  • The battery consists of  Learning feature which will extend battery life.
  • Battery Percentage will be shown in Always-ON Display.
  • The text selection has also improved by magnifier & smart text selection.
  • Google Pie will recognize what you will choose next and according to that many options will opens in front of you. 
  • Adaptive Battery & Adaptive Brightness

These mind-blowing features will definitely make your task much easier and quicker.

Android 9.0 update

Android Pie is pixel rolling out from today. This update will be found only on the Google Pixel PhoneBy the end of this year, non-Google phones and Android One phones will be able to get the update on Android Pie.

Cost of Android 9 pie

It is a free update for all the eligible devices.

Android P Beta Programme

Many devices participated in Android P Beta Programme. They will also receive the update by the end of this year. Some of them are :

  • Nokia
  • Sony
  • Xiaomi
  • One Plus
  • Vivo
  • Oppo

Android 9.0 pie review

This is all about the new OS version of Android Pie. The features of Android Pie 9 are really amazing. Artificial Intelligence feature will surely make tasks easier and quicker.

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