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Facts about the bizzare, crazy festival of Spain-La Tomatina

Facts about the bizzare, crazy festival of Spain-La Tomatina

What is La Tomatino ?

La Tomatina is an annual festival celebrated in Bunol, Spain in which people throw tomatoes at each other. Yes, this sounds crazy but its true.It is one of the most popular festival among the people of Spain. Many people come to celebrate this crazy festival from all over the world and have fun by throwing riped tomatoes at each other.

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La Tomatino Festival in 2018

It is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year. So, this year La Tomatina will be celebrated on 29th of August.

Facts about La Tomitana Festival

  • Largest Food Fight

La Tomatina is the largest food fight all over the world.

  • Starting of Festival 

This festival was started in 1945.

  • Time Duration of Battle 

The battle of tomatoes lasts for 1 hour.

Amount of Tomatoes

Approximately 1-1.5 lakhs of tomatoes are used for celebrating this festival. The tomatoes that are used for battle are of low quality.

Rules of Festival

There are some rules which every participant has to follow for the safety of all participants participating in the battle.Some of them are given below :-
  • Don't throw hard objects which can hurt someone. 
  • Keep safe distance from the trucks loaded by the tomatoes. 
  • Stop throwing tomatoes after the second starter shot of pistol. 
  • Squash tomatoes before throwing otherwise it may hurt somebody. 

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