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Goa Nightlife, Special Food and Important Travel Tips - Unforgettable Tour of Goa : Part - 4

Hello Friends,

I am here to tell about my tour experiences in Goa. In the previous three part of "Unforgettable Tour of Goa : Part 3" I told you so many things related to my trip that will be helpful during your Goa tour.

And today Iam here with the 4th part of "Unforgettable Tour of Goa"Iam going to tell about the Food,Nightlife of Goa.And I'll also gave some travel tips which will definitely make your trip easier and memorable.

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  • Special Food of Goa.

  • Nightlife in Goa. 

  • Travel tips for Goa. 

Famous Food of Goa:-

Wherever we go we want that we got food of our choice. In Goa you can find many options in food.You can find vegetarian as well as non vagetarian restaurants here.

There is no such difficulty in finding restaurants here.You can get food in reasonable prices here.There are so many options available here and you can also enjoy different varieties of food on the beaches.

When we went to the restaurant we asked the waiter there that What is the special food of Goa?

He told us that you can try Sea Food here.There are lot of varieties in Sea Food.We tried the Sea Food there and really it was very yummy.

If you are a non-vegaetarian then I'll suggest you that you must try the sea food on your Goa trip.It has a good taste.

Some of the specialities of Goa are listed below that you must try in your trip:-

  • Goa Fish Curry Rice.

  • Feni drink of Goa.

  • Tasty Bebinca of Goa.

  • Goa Special Chicken Xacuti.

  • Goa Super Tasty Vindaloo.

  • Yummy Lobster of Goa.

  • Fresh Prawns of Goa.

  • Organic Ambotik of Goa.

  • Spicy Sorpotel of Goa.

  • Fresh Fried Fish of Goa.

Feni is a popular alcholic drink of Goa.Fenni is of two types:-

One is made up of Coconut and other is made up of Cashews.So you can try any of these or both as per your choice.Feni made by cashews is more popular then Coconut Feni.

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Bebinca is a popular sweet dish of Goa.Bebinca is a cake made by coconut milk,ghee and sugar.It tastes different from the other cakes.We tried Bebinca and we loved its taste.

Chicken Xacuti is a curry made by chicken and spices.It is a spicy dish.Its gravy is made by various spices like black pepper,tamarind,chillies,grated coconut,clo,cinnamon,cumin etc.
It tastes great.

Vindaloo is a popular curry oif Goa.It is made by Pork.Some of the ingredients which are used in Vindaloo are cumin,ginger and many other spices.

So,whenever you plan a trip of Goa try atleast one of these dishes of Goa.You'll definitely like it.

Crazy Nightlife in Goa:-

Ok friends now I'll tell you about the nightlife of Goa.Goa is most popular for its nightlife.It is also known as "Party Capital". As its name indiactes Goa is a perfect destination for parties,gambling etc.

You can enjoy drinks and snacks here at reasonable prices.These are easily available.
You can also try your luck in   Gambling.Gambling is legal here.There are so many casinos here.

Partying hard under the stars or on the shores will give a different feeling which is out of this world.

Dancing on the latest songs on the shores or in the clubs will definitely be an amazing experience to anyone.So,Goa is the best place for having unlimited fun.You can enjoy here alot.

There are so many places in Goa where you can spend your night having a lot of fun.Some of the places are listed below:-

  • Party Clubs in Goa.

  • Bars and Pubs in Goa.

  • Party Cruises in Goa.

  • Beach Shacks in Goa.

  • Night Markets in Goa.

  • Silent Noise Parties in Goa.

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Party Clubs are the destination where one can get a perfect ambience for partying .If you are visiting Goa then "Boss Party to Banti Hai".You can enjoy the whole night in drinking and dancing.

There are so many party and clubs in Goa.Some of them are listed below:-

  • Drift Bar at Candolim Beach Goa.

  • Club Tito's at Baga Beach Goa.

  • Club Cubana in Arpora Goa.

  • Club LPK(Love Passion and Karma) on Candolim Goa.

  • SinQ at Candolim Beach Goa.

Bars and Pubs of Goa are the place where one can get a range of drinks.Local drink "Cashew feni & Coconut Feni" to international drinks.You can find whatever you want.

There are so many bars and pubs in Goa.Some of the best options for Bars and Pubs are listed below:-

  • Britto's at Baga Beach Goa.

  • Shores Bar at Anjuna Beach Goa.

  • Palm and Sand Pub Goa.

  • Cafe Mombo Club Goa.

Silent Noise Parties is one of the popular partying destination for tourists beacause of its unique party style.In Silent Noise Parties you have to use headphones to listen different music channels like hard rock music,trance music etc. as per your choice to groove on the dance floors.
Palolem Beach of Goa is famous for Silent Noise Parties.

Now I'll tell about some of the travel tips for Goa which you have to keep in your mind for an easy and delightful trip.

Travel Tips For Goa:-

  • If you are visiting Goa in the peak season then you have to prebook your hotel but if you are visiting Goa during off season then you can book your hotel after reaching Goa.
  • To explore Goa I'll recommend you to rent a scooty.Because its the best way to save your money and the best option to explore Goa.Please make sure you carry your driving license because there are many checkpoint.Helmets are mandatory here.
  • Whenever you visit to the beach carry your Flip-flops,Sunglasses and Hat. 

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  • Keep yourself hydrated on the beaches because the heat can sap your energy.Drink alot of water,lemon-juice etc.
  • Avoid walking in deserted areas at night.
  • Don't carry too much cash with you.
  • Don't swim at night as it may be dangerous.
  • Don't drink and drive as it may be dangerous.
  • Remember to limit amount of your drink.Don't drink too much.
  • Don't swim on the areas where red flags are marked.

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  • Explore both North Goa and South Goa.Don't choose between them.They both are different from each other.So it is recommended to explore both the regions.
  • Do bargaining whenever you do shopping in Goa.
  • Always keep an eye on your personal belongings.
  • Say 'NO' to drugs.

So,friends these were some travel tips which  can make your trip easy and memorable.

Guys That was all about Goa which I want to share with all of you.That was an amazing experience for me.I hope you guys liked "Unforgettable Tour of Goa".

In my next article I'll tell about some new place.

Stay connected to my Blog. 

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