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Best Famous Beaches of Goa, India - Unforgettable Tour of Goa : Part - 3

Hi friends,

I am here to tell the remaining part of my article 

"Unforgettable Tour of Goa:-Part-3"

I hoping that you all are liking this journey experiences of mine which Iam telling you.In the previous two parts I told many things related to the trip.

In this part Iam going to tell about the beaches of Goa.

Best famous beaches in Goa:-

There are so many beaches in Goa but in this article I'll talk about some popular beaches and some untouched beaches of both North Goa and South Goa.

Beaches are the major attraction of Goa which attracts both Indian and Foreigner tourists.Beaches are the place where one can spend some quality time with their loved ones.And one can get a perfect relaxation here.

So,if you got bored of your busy scheduled life then gave some time to yourself and spend some time in beaches for the perfect relaxation.Really,this type of trip will be  amazing  for yours.You'll feel fresh and delighted.

Ok guys now lets talk about the beaches of Goa. Some of the beaches of South Goa are :-

Best beaches of south Goa - 

  • Palolim Beach

  • Majorda Beach

  • Mobor Beach

  • Bogmalo Beach

  • Colva Beach

  • Utorda Beach

  • Cavelossim Beach

  • Coal Beach

  • Batebelim Beach

  • Verca Beach

  • Agonda Beach

  • Velsao Beach

All these beaches are very popular among tourists.
We visited Baga Beach,Vagator Beach,Majorda Beach,Utorda Beach,Palolim Beach,Anjuna Beach,Colva Beach,Calungate Beach,Japanese Garden Beach,Sunset Beach in our trip.That was an amazing experience for all of us.These beaches are very crowded.

In these beaches you can get a perfect atmosphere where you can do whatever you want to do.You can play with the waves of the sea.

You can also do various types of water sports activities in these beaches.And if you want to do some shopping here then you can.There are some local markets on the beaches.

To satiate your hunger you can visit to the various stalls on the beach.You can get any type of food whatever you want.And if you are a lover of wine or beer then these options are also available here at very reasonable price.

Doing such activities on the shores of the sea will be a wonderful experience for anyone.

Now Iam going to tell about the beaches of North Goa.Some of the beaches of North Goa are:-

Best famous Beaches of North Goa- 

  • Vagator Beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Candolim Beach
  • Arambol Beach
  • Morjim Beach
  • Sinquerim Beach
  • Chapora Beach 
  • Aguada Beach
  • Calungate Beach

  • Calungate Beach is also known as Queen of Beaches.It is one of the largest beach of North Goa.Many popular pubs and restaurants are here.You can do various water sports activities (like Parasailing,Jet Skiing etc.) here.

    Baga Beach is also one of the popular beach of North Goa.It is also  known as Beach for Rocking Nightlife.You can do various water sports activities (like Parasailing,Jet Skiing etc.) here.

    Friends all of these beaches are very popular among tourists.So its obvious that these beaches are fully crowded almost all the time.

    But if you want to spend your time in a clean,peaceful,uncrowded beach then I'll suggest you to visit Japenese Garden Beach of North Goa and Sunset Beach of South Goa.

    Japanese Garden Beach Goa:-

    Japenese Garden Beach is just 3 kms away from Vasco.But it is one of the beautiful places of Goa.I personally felt that this beach is best among all the beaches of Goa.It is uncrowded beach.You will find very few people in this beach.And most of these people are locals.

    A beautiful view can be seen from the top.There is a garden above from where one can see the beauty of this beach.And then you have to climb down the stairs to visit the beach.

    When we visited this beach we felt like we are in heaven.This place is so wonderful that one can't describe it in words.The beauty of this place is undeceivable.

    Watching the sunset view from this beach was such an amazing experience for me that I can't describe it in words.The beauty of this place will be remain forever in my heart.I definitely want to visit this beach again and again.

    So,if you are planning a trip to Goa then don't forget to visit this will undoubtedly get perfect relaxation here.This is the place where a person can get peace of mind.

    Sunset Beach in Goa:-

     Sunset Beach is in South Goa.This beach is less crowded and very peaceful.As its name indicates we can see the beautiful view of sunset from this beach.

    When we reached at this beach it was 5 o'clock of the evening.After doing some photography we sat on the rocks to view the sunset.We saw that group of some peoples were making their food near the beach and they were enjoying and dancing.Some other peoples were busy in playing with the waves.

    As soon as sun started going down,everybody sat down to watch this scene.It seemed as though the sun was going inside the ocean.
    Everyone want to capture that beautiful moment in their phones and cameras.We also captured that lovely scene in our camera. Looking at the sunset from the sea shore in the evening is a moment that can't be imagined until the person has seen that moment.

    Watching the view of sunset in front of our eyes on the seashore was a different feeling for all of us.We all were enjoying that moment.The sun was looking like an orange and red coloured ball and spreading its color in the whole sky.

    Really that moment was breath-taking.If you want to view sunset with your loved ones then this beach is perfect for that.You'll definitely get to view an amzing sunset.

    So friends this was some information about the beaches of Goa.I hope that you'll like this information.

    Now in my next article I'll tell about the following:-

    • Special Sea Foods of Goa.

    • Nightlife in Goa.

    • Travel Tips for Goa.

    Stay connected to my blog.

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