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Mob Lynching-Most Embarrasing Incident (Know all about Mob Lynching)

Mob Lynching is an act where a criminal is punished for an offense by the group of people without any legal process.

Now-a-days Mob Lynching instances are very common in every society.We saw a lot of incidents where Mob Lynching took place and the person loses his life.

In many incidents of mob lynching the person who is innocent is also killed by the mob.

Sometimes misunderstanding tooks place and people attacked on the person without thinking for a second.They don't even care about the Law and Judiciary of the Country.

But the incident like Mob Lynching is not good for the sake of the society.All peoples have the right to express their opinions and have the right to speak.

We are living in a democratic country and our constitution also gave us the right of freedom to speak and to express our opinions.

Then how can some people decide that what one should speak or what shouldn't?

There is a Law and Judiciary in the country.We have to keep trust on the Law and Judiciary.If someone is found guilty then he will be punished by the law.

Who are we to punish anyone ?
Why these type of incidents take place continuously?
Why Mob Lynching incident became so common in India?

Such incidents occuring in a democaratic country like India is very embarassing.Such incidents shouldn't be occured.

The Goverment have to take the strict action against those who are indulge in in mob lynching activities.Such incidents shuold be curb.

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