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"Chalo Jeete Hain"- Biopic of Narendra Modi

"Chalo Jeete Hain"- Biopic of Narendra Modi

 Chalo Jeete Hain short film

"Chalo Jeete Hain" is a short film about the childhood of PM Narendra Modi (Short film on PM Modi).

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Director of the Film "Chalo Jeete Hain"

This short film is directed by "Mangesh Hadawale". Mangesh is inspired by the life of Narendra Modi.

Social Harmony

This short film is based on the book "Social Harmony" written by Mr. Narendra Modi.

Duration of the Film "Chalo Jeete Hain"

The duration of the film is 32 minutes. The name of the child artist in the film is "Naru".

Character of Naru

The character of Naru is played by child artist "Dhairya Darji".

Screening of the movie "Chalo Jeete Hain"

The movie was screened at Rajyasabha Secretariat on Wednesday 25th of July and at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday 29th of July. Many celebrities attended the special screening of the short film "Chalo Jeete Hain".

Shooting of the movie "Chalo Jeete Hain"

The shooting of the movie was done at Vadnagar, the hometown of Narendra Modi.

Theme of the movie "Chalo Jeete Hain"

The movie is based on the theme of childhood innocence.

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